Prepare for the Next GPD NOFA, Coming Soon

Prepare for the Next GPD NOFA, Coming Soon
Next NOFA process expected to be extremely competitive
It is clear that VA is pursuing a long-overdue reboot of its GPD program. While the process was temporarily delayed, there is no indication that the same will happen in the next NOFA. In fact, we have heard varying estimates of when this would happen, ranging from this month to the spring of 2018.

Given the uncertainty around timing, it is important to begin to plan strategically so your organization can submit a high-scoring application. We don't have all the details but we do know that an upcoming per diem only NOFA will be open to existing and new providers, and the GPD models will also remain relevant. We don't know whether it will be the usual per diem only NOFA, or whether it will include any of the recently-authorized changes to the program, such as the increase in per diem rate for transition-in-place beds, or the aftercare case management grants.

We do know, as was evidenced in the most recent NOFA, that the competition will be fierce. So it is important for providers to ensure they know what it takes to submit a successful application. It also requires that providers are familiar with the defined models and how they help end homelessness in your community. The National Center on Homelessness Among Veterans is releasing information on the models, available here. The GPD program office has indicated they will make publicly available a presentation on common application errors from last year’s NOFA. In the meantime, you may find some of the resources hosted at the GPD website for providers, found here.

Understanding your community's data and the role it plays is imperative in determining what type of GPD beds you might apply for. Please be sure to seek out data from a variety of external sources, including your VAMC and GPD liaison, your local Continuum of Care, and any other relevant sources. Use this data as you engage with your local partners to ensure your organization is filling the needs that arise for local veterans.

In summary, preparedness is key. Use the time you have been granted to ensure the best possible chance for future success. Wishing all of you the best of luck as you gear up to reapply.