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Webinar Recording: NOFA Planning and Advocacy

WEBINAR | JANUARY 2, 2014 NOFA PLANNING AND ADVOCACY WEBINAR SLIDES (PDF | 952 KB | 34 PAGES) In this recording of a webinar that originally streamed on December 17, 2013, speakers cover the major points of the FY 2013 Continuum of Care NOFA and discuss how prospective grantees should address their community's tiering and application processes. The webinar also covers Richmond, Va's approach to the NOFA. Speakers discuss how grantees can use the NOFA as an advocacy opportunity to ensure Congress provides sufficient funding for homeless programs in the future.  You can also learn more about getting involved in state advocacy efforts geared toward Medicaid expansion on our  State Policy Solutions  page, where you can find a toolkit on state advocacy . In addition, you can find more information on health care and homelessness  here .