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Your Advocacy Is Making a Difference. There's One More Thing You Can Do This Week

We're nearing the end of the "Dear Colleague" phase of advocacy in support of HUD homelessness program spending. Thanks in part to incredible advocacy by people like you, an unprecedented number of House Members signed on to the letter circulating this past week.  The letter circulating in the Seanate by Sen. Merkley of Oregon is still taking signatures. It asks Senators to sign on to a request to leadership of the subcommittee that drafts HUD spending bills to include $3 billion for Homeless Assistance for fiscal year 2020; and to increase funding for Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (tenant-based Section 8). The more Senators sign on to the letter, the more impact it will have when the subcommittee writes its bill later this year. The Alliance is asking all the people who work on homelessness around the country to contact your Senators by Monday, April 1. The letter from Sen. Merkley is here   , and the you can find the sign-on letter for S

SOAR Webinar: Getting Started Completing SOAR-Assisted SSI/SSDI Applications

Have you successfully completed the SOAR Online Course, only to find yourself struggling with how to get started on completing SOAR-assisted SSI/SSDI applications? What's the first step? Who is a SOAR eligible applicant? How do I contact SSA and DDS? Do we have a SOAR Process in my area? Help! One critical component of the SOAR model is to complete training through the SOAR Online Course. Over the years, providers have been learning that SOAR is more than a training model. Often, SOAR-trained case managers don't know what to do after their training is completed, especially if there is no SOAR Local Lead or other SOAR Providers using the SOAR Process in their area to help them get started. If this sounds all too familiar, please don't despair. There is hope!  This webinar will give you many practical and proven ideas to help you get star

WEBINAR: Managing provider quality

See how coordinating agencies and providers can work together toward continuous quality improvement. Managing provider quality and outcomes with data Wednesday, April 10 | 2 pm ET / 11 am PT  As the demand for services increases, it's crucial to work effectively with your providers to enhance outcomes and efficiency. Using data intelligently — and sharing that data with your providers — can help you achieve lower costs, better outcomes, enhanced client experiences, and greater provider satisfaction. Register now This webinar will take you through a 5-step approach to launch an effective quality management program. Learn how to use your data in new ways to: Establish key measures Set goals / benchmarks Create dashboards Analyze the outcomes (determine causes and remedies) Develop an action & accountability plan Join Gerald Leslie, Project Director

What's new from WellSky Human and Social Services?

New features, service updates, a case study, and two new white papers from WellSky Welcome to the third issue of the WellSky Human & Social Services Quarterly Update . This issue is packed with product information and updates, an extensive list of events we will be attending through the end of June, and summaries of two white papers by our own industry experts, Jay Bulot and Gabe Cate. Jay's white paper reviews trends coming to human and social services, courtesy of the CHRONIC Care Act. Gabe's publication covers drivers behind the need for Continuums of Care and health care organizations to partner, as well as examples on how some are doing so already. In addition, you'll find: A short survey on the value of this quarterly update An update on our phone system A WellSky Managed Services case study An introduction to our new Resource Directory Product ne