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HUD CoC APR Updates and Sage

Bowman Client Update HUD: CoC APR Updates and Sage HUD has recently sent out an announcement including information about the new CoC APR report submission platform Sage along with additional information (This announcement is linked at the bottom of this article). Here are some important highlights: Beginning on April 1, 2017 grantees will no longer submit APRs in e-snaps and will begin using a new system called Sage. This applies to all CoC homeless assistance grants (except for HMIS Dedicated grant recipients who will also have a new APR that does not require a data upload or a report generated from the HMIS). Recipients will be required to upload CSV data from their HMIS to fulfill the APR reporting requirement in Sage. Recipients will not be able to manually enter data about clients served. ServicePoint will support the CSV requirement for the APR report. This will be a “download" option after you've run the new Provider (canned) CoC APR report i

Hill Watch: Trump Administration Releases “Skinny Budget” for 2018

Hill Watch: Trump Administration Releases "Skinny Budget" for 2018 Administration's first budget released, goes to Congress for Action This week, the Trump Administration released the first federal budget request of his presidency. For any administration a president’s budget proposal is a document that lays out that administration’s priorities for federal spending. This proposed budget is released every fiscal year by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and covers all federal programs, including those which we consider to be the mainstays of our work to end veteran homelessness. This proposal, however, is not an act of law; it is merely a proposal. Congress is the final arbiter of which program receives funding, and how much. The budget proposal published this week is known as a “skinny budget,” as it is much briefer than a budget jus

Budget blueprint: What it means for homelessness


Homelessness Update

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