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New MSR Tools from the SOAR TA Center

June 16, 2015 Medical Summary Report New SOAR TA Center Tools The Medical Summary Report (MSR) is a SOAR signature tool and key to a successful application. It provides a succinct, comprehensive summary of the applicant's personal and treatment history and its impact on his or her life. It also clearly describes the factors affecting functioning and ability to work. While it is a critical component of a SOAR SSI/SSDI application packet, it can also be the most challenging.  Support is available from the TA Center to both prepare SOAR providers for writing MSRs and to review them prior to submission to SSA.  We also have some new tools and resources available on our website to help you write a comprehensive MSR: SOAR Online Course Articles in Class 5 of the SOAR Online Course, " The Link to Functioning " have been revised and updated. Take a minute to refresh yourself! MSR Interview Guide and Template For