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PSH VACANCY: 3x 1 Bedroom Units at Hosanna House (Baltimore County)

7/17/17 - THESE UNITS ARE NOW OCCUPIED There are three 1 bedroom units available at the Hosanna House. Listed below are the qualifications. ​all application forms must be completed and sent to the staff below the client must be 50 or older must meet the HUD definition of homelessness must have a mental health or physical disability If anyone has questions they can contact me at the number listed below. Thank you, --> Sheree Rentie P: 410-477-2037

PSH VACANCY: 2 Bedroom Unit at Project Promise (Baltimore County)

We have 1 two-bedroom vacancy in the ACC Project Promise program for families to be filled.  Description of Program: ·          2 bedroom apartment on the ground floor ·          Unit is not wheelchair accessible ·          Located at Hillendale Gate Apartments ·          Clients are required to participate in program services and activities ·          No overnight guests.  If a guest/family member is client's  home after 12 midnight or 7am, it will be assumed that they are overnight visitors and client will be dismissed from the program. ·          Client cannot be out of their unit for more than 30d days. Eligibility: ( Applicants must meet all of the requirements below in order to be eligible for this program ): Homeless status must be PSH-eligible (Chronically Homeless or Category 1 and Category 4) Head of household must have a HUD defined disability. (provide proof of disabilities) Applicant must be a documented U.S. Citiz

HUD Releases Optional Rating and Ranking Tool for Continuum of Care (CoC) Program Competition

CoCs are required to design and implement a collaborative process for their application for the CoC Program Competition. In recent years, HUD has been strongly encouraging (and incentivizing) CoCs to use objective, performance-based scoring criteria and selection priorities to determine which projects will be submitted to HUD as part of the CoC’s application. To help CoCs enhance their abilities to use objective, performance-based scoring criteria for their local competitions, HUD has developed this Rating and Ranking Tool that CoCs can adapt and use for their local competitions, including for the Fiscal Year 2017 Continuum of CoC Competition. A few very important things to note about this optional tool: The use of this tool is optional and is not being promoted over other tools CoCs currently use, and does not guarantee additional points in CoC Program Competitions, or that the project applications will be consistent with all NOFA requirements.   This tool suppor

Blog Update: First Responders - Using Behavioral Health Approaches to Improve Safety

Blog Update First Responders — Using Behavioral Health Approaches to Improve Safety for All 07/13/2017 05:05 PM EDT Every day, first responders including police officers, firefighters and emergency medical services 'personnel face situations requiring rapid but thoughtful decision-making. De-escalating a crisis, particularly ones involving persons who may be experiencing a mental illness or substance use disorder requires an approach informed by behavioral health knowledge. SAMHSA developed resources for first responders to provide the […]