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HUD Announces Issuance of the ESG Notice for Additional Public Comment on the Interim Rule

Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser . HUD Announces Issuance of the ESG Notice for Additional Public Comment on the Interim Rule HUD is announcing the issuance of the ESG Notice for additional public comment on the interim rule, entitled: “ Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program; Solicitation of Comment on Specific Issues .” This is the second time HUD is opening the ESG interim rule for public comment, before issuing the final rule. The first comment period for the interim rule ended on February 3, 2012. HUD has carefully reviewed all comments received in response to the interim rule through the first comment period. However, because recipien

Baltimore County HMIS News 6/3/15

Good morning!  Please see the updates below, and contact us with any questions/concerns.  We're always glad to assist.  Thank you for your participation! NOTE: Providers failing to update data by the end of their fiscal year may suffer funding penalties for their program(s), and will negatively impact funding for the entire county (Baltimore County,  DHCD, DHMH, DHR, HHS,  HUD, UWCM, VA, Weinberg Grant, etc.).   Providers with poor data will be ranked at the bottom of our list and may be the first to experience funding cuts/losses, and will most likely be declined for any fund increases and/or renewals.  Report Card Notes    * HMIS  Monthly Report Card  (housing)    * HMIS  Monthly Report Card  (services )    Failing Performance Measures Providers w/ red highlighted performance measure(s) Subject to immediate funding + rating/ranking penalties 0 providers failing this month    Areas of Potential Concern  Providers w/ yellow highlighted performance measure(s

Alliance Online News: Houston Announces it has Ended Veteran Homelessness

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