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Apply Now For Addiction Medicine Subspecialty Exam

New Addiction Medicine Subspecialty Deadline for Applications: July 15, 2017 The American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM) is sponsoring a new addiction medicine (ADM) subspecialty for which board-certified physicians can now apply . The completion of an ADM fellowship is not required if your examination is completed before 2021. Eligible physicians should apply for certification and share this invitation with others who currently work in addiction medicine. Applications for the exam will be accepted until July 15, 2017. The 3-hour exam will be administered to approved applicants in a range of locations beginning in October 2017. For additional information about the application and eligibility requirements, please visit ABPM's ADM FAQ page . Apply Now

Product Development Updates

Bowman Client Update Product Development Updates We have covered a lot of ground since Boot Camp! Many thanks to those of you who have been working in Qlik Sense and to everyone who participated in May’s ServicePoint 6 Feedback period. Your input is greatly appreciated! While we have not been able to incorporate all of your feedback just yet, we have made significant improvements over the past two and half months. We announced a timeline for Qlik Sense and ServicePoint 6 product development projects at Boot Camp which we are happy to report continues to be on track. Though we are still testing and adjusting, we’re excited to share the following updates. Qlik Sense Update We will be updating the Qlik Sense app as soon as we complete our testing on the following features. We expect this update to be released by the end of July in anticipation of the User Conference, August 7-9th in New Orleans. Security Context Enforced  We are going to open access

Tiny Homes, More Than a Fad

In This Issue: Vision, Not Just Critique ● Planning With a Community Wealth Building Lens ● Tiny Homes, More Than a Fad ● Also: In Case You Missed It ● Jobs ● More Wednesday, July 5, 2017 In This Issue: Vision, Not Just Critique ● Planning With a Community Wealth Building Lens ● Tiny Homes, More Than a Fad ● Also : In Case You Missed It ● Jobs ● More More Than A Fad: Tiny Houses Save Lives, Provide Dignity Sharon Lee, Low Income Housing Institute Seattle is known for having mild winters, with average temperatures hovering around 45 degrees. Nevertheless, in December 2016, the King County Medical Examiner documented that four homeless people had died from hypothermia. Sin