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SP 5.13.1 is Now Available

ServicePoint 5.13.1 is now available. This is considered a " minor " release. This means if you are setup for automatic upgrades you will get this upgrade automatically during your normally scheduled upgrade window. If you want this upgrade earlier than this time frame or if you do not have automatic upgrades enabled for your site, please create a case in the Customer Community detailing when you'd like the upgrade performed on your site. This release includes updates to:   Assessment Changes Update to "HUD CoC & ESG Exit (2020)" Assessment Updates to RHY Entry Assessments Update to "VA SSVF Entry for HP and RRH (2020)" Assessment Update to GPD Assessments Changes to Current Living Situation Sub-Assessment Swapped "CoC Code" picklist for "Operational Providers" picklist Add "Location details" question to sub-as