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Qlik Sense Update

Qlik Sense Update We are pleased to announce Qlik Sense will be available beginning the week of April 10th. As we approach that date additional communications will be sent out that describe our plans for documentation, introductory webinars, and the ServicePoint upgrade necessary for Qlik Sense installation. This ServicePoint upgrade will create a “Connect to Qlik Sense” link, similar to the current “Connect to ART” link. As a reminder, this initial version of Qlik Sense will be available to all System Administrator I and II’s with Ad Hoc (Premium) ART licenses. PLANNED RELEASE SCHEDULE: First two weeks of April:  Qlik Sense FAQ released Registration for “Qlik Sense Introductory Webinar” available (multiple timeslots available) Boot Camp – don’t forget that Early Bird Registration ends Monday, March 20th! Mid to Late April: Qlik Sense Introductory Webinar ART to Qlik Sense Transition Guide released Qlik Sense Viewer Guide released Qlik Sense Viewer Vid

March 2017 NCHV Newsletter

NCHV eNewsletter March 2017 NCHV Welcomes New CEO Kathryn Monet begins tenure leading efforts to end veteran homelessness Hello NCHV Members and Network Providers, As sometimes happens, the news is “bitter sweet”. We told you in our last print newsletter that our CEO Baylee Crone has left NCHV. We have been honored to serve with and support Baylee on the NCHV Board of Directors, and we know that she will continue to serve veterans in need as she pursues a PhD in clinical psychology to serve active duty servicemembers, veterans, and their families. Her selection for this program was incredibly competitive and it paves the way for a new future of service for members of our uniformed services and for our veterans.  Baylee has served NCHV with great integrity, purpose, passion, and a deep dedication to making sure every veteran in need has access to the services they need in their community. Workin

HUD Publishes Section 108 Underwriting Guidelines for Income-Producing Projects

Including: Residential, Office, Retail, Industrial and Mixed-Use Real Estate Projects for Section 108 Loan Guarantee Recipients Section 108 is the loan guarantee provision of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program. It provides CDBG grantees with a source of financing for economic development, housing rehabilitation, public facilities, and other large-scale physical development projects. The United States Department of Housing (HUD) is providing the Section 108 Underwriting Guidelines for Income-Producing Projects to assist Section 108 recipients in underwriting third party loans that finance the development of income producing properties. Although compliance with these guidelines is not mandatory, HUD’s acceptance of third party loans as collateral for Section 108 guaranteed loans will be facilitated if they meet these guidelines. View the Section 108 Underwriting Guidelines for Income-Producing Projects.

CommunityPoint Security Improvement

CommunityPoint Security Improvement A message for all CommunityPoint System Administrators: The CommunityPoint team recently implemented a security measure designed to interfere with the activity of “bots” on CommunityPoint sites. The effect of this measure is that any visitor whose activity resembles that of a bot—such as executing a huge number of actions in a small amount of time—will be banned from accessing the site. This change should not affect legitimate human users. However if you receive a complaint from a user about the site being inaccessible please contact your Customer Care Analyst or send an email to . Such reports will help us to refine our security measures while improving the human user experience. Mediware Information Systems, Inc. 11711 W. 79th St. | Lenexa, KS 66214 | (888) MEDIWARE |