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SP 5.13.4 is Now Available

ServicePoint 5.13.4 is now available. This is considered a " minor " release. If you are setup in the upgrader for automatic minor upgrades then you will get this upgrade on that date. If you are not setup in the upgrader for automatic minor upgrades then you need to post a case in the Customer Community to schedule this upgrade. This release includes updates to the following areas of Community Services (formerly ServicePoint): Resolved minor issue with Current Living Situation sub-assessment. Resolved minor visibility issue with Coordinated Entry Assessment Location picklist. Resolved an issue with accessing the help section of Community Services (formerly ServicePoint). Updated Zip Code to Geo Code mapping list with HUD 2020 changes. Updated HUD XML export with changes in HUD 2020 export specifications. Resolved an issue in ReportWriter in regards to using deleted user as filters.

Partner Webinar: Effective Outreach and Engagement Series

Please join us on February 4, 2020, for the first webinar in the Effective Outreach and Engagement Series . Outreach and engagement require a rich set of interpersonal skills and deep understanding of what it means to engage with someone who is struggling with significant vulnerabilities. Direct service providers and outreach workers will learn evidence-based practices and skills related to reaching out and assisting a diverse population experiencing homelessness, including those with serious mental illness (SMI), substance use disorders, or co-occurring disorders (CODs). Webinar 1: Addressing Homelessness: Professional Boundaries and Ethics When Working with People Who Have SMI/CODs Service care providers report that it is easy to become too involved in their clients' lives and issues. Con

The majority of homeless families in America are black, HUD study finds

Image A new Housing and Urban Development report said blacks make up nearly half of the homeless population, despite comprising only 13% of the population. An estimated 568,000 people experienced homelessness in a single night in the United States in 2019, according to the Annual Homeless Assessment Report presented to Congress earlier this week. That's an increase from 553,000 in 2018. Those going through chronic patterns of homelessness rose 9% from 2018 to 2019. A majority, 40%, were black. Although the total number of homeless families declined by 5% between 2018 and 2019, 52% of homeless families in 2019 were black. Those numbers remain virtually unchanged from 2018. Whites, who make up 77% of the population, accounted for 48% of homeless people in 2019. Those who identify as Hispanic or Latino make up about 18% of the population, but 22% of homeless people were part of this group, according to the report. The figures reflect poverty stat

WEBINAR: Measuring outcomes of home and community-based services

How are publicly-funded services meeting the needs of older adults and people with disabilities, to help them maintain their independence. Measuring home and community-based services for older adults and people with disabilities Wed., Feb. 5 | 2pm ET / 11am PT  As your agency strives to improve the quality of life in your community, you need actionable data to guide your work. This webinar dives deep into some of the most detailed information available to the public on the factors that help older adults and people with disabilities maintain their independence, and how publicly funded services are meeting those needs today. Join April Young, Senior Director of National Core Indicators – Aging and Disabilities (NCI-AD) at ADvancing States, as she answers the following: What access does the aging and disabled community have to vital services like transportation,

Segregation Is Fine, Says HUD

In this Issue: Don't Wait to Call in the Artists ● Tenant Organizing Where Rising Rent Isn't the (Main) Issue ● Arts in Transit ● HUD Secretary Asks America to Accept Housing Segregation Week of January 27 In this Issue: Don’t Wait to Call in the Artists ● Tenant Organizing Where Rising Rent Isn’t the (Main) Issue ● Arts in Transit ● HUD Secretary Asks America to Accept Housing Segregation ● Also: Jobs  ● Events ● Industry News ● In Case You Missed It + HUD Secretary Asks America to Accept Housing Segregation John Henneberger, Texas Low Income Housing Information Service With this proposed new rule,