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(HUD) System Performance Measures Updates for CoCs

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(SAMHSA) Webinar: How to Develop a Competitive Grant Application

Webinar: How to Develop a Competitiv e Grant Application SAMHSA’s Office of Financial Resources will be conducting a webinar on how to develop a competitive grant application. The webinar will be offered October 22 at 2 pm (ET).  The webinar will address: The four registration processes that need to be completed Preparing to apply for a grant Key components of the funding opportunity announcement Responding effectively t

(NAEH) Three Steps You Can Take This Week to Encourage Voter Engagement

Best Practices A practical newsletter for people ending homelessness. Promoting Voter Turnout Among People Experiencing Homelessness People experiencing homelessness deserve to be able to vote, and there are only three weeks left until the election. Voter registration deadlines have passed