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TIP SHEET: The 5 stages of your agency's data maturity

This simple framework will help you assess your data needs, where you are in data maturity, and the steps required to achieve predictive analytics capabilities. Use this 5-step blueprint to move your agency toward data maturity With all the buzz around technologies like artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, it can be intimidating for an organization on a limited budget to plan a strategy for data enhancement. Our product director, Keith Ewell has worked with agencies across the country on data challenges for years. His experience has led him to develop "WellSky's hierarchy of human services data needs"  to help organizations assess their data maturity and identify potential next steps. Level 1: Descriptive statistics — tell you what happened Level 2: Management reports — monitor day-to-day operations Level 3: Performance metrics — measure

Headlines: Latest News from SAMHSA

July 25,  2019 The SAMHSA Headlines—Your one-stop source for the latest from SAMHSA. Grant Application Opportunities Mental and Substance Use Disorders Prevalence Study SAMHSA is accepting applications for the Mental and Substance Use Disorders Prevalence Study (MDPS). The purpose of this grant program is to ensure that gaps in surveillance are addressed through a pilot program that assists in estimating the actual number of individuals living with mental and substance use disorders, including those of the greatest severity. SAMHSA plans to issue 1 grant of up to $30,000,000 for up to 3 years.  Application Due Date: Friday, August 16, 2019 Events Training and events are available for practitioners through many of SAMHSA's Training and Technical Assistance Centers. Some of these are highlighted below. Visit SAMHSA's Practiti

$40 Million in HUD-VASH Available to Support Approximately 5,000 New Vouchers

Resources and assistance to support HUD's community partners Home Programs Resources Training $40 Million in HUD-VASH Available to Support Approximately 5,000 New Vouchers Notice PIH 2019-15 (HA) announces the availability of $40 million in HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) that will support approximately 5,000 new vouchers. T

Overseas Exchange Jobs, Free Nashville Concert, MISSION Act/Community Care Q&A

Hire a Veteran Day, VA asks for input on Veteran suicide #VetResources  - for Veterans, their Families, Caregivers, and Survivors Have a resource to share? Tweet it using #VetResources The New Community Care: Your Questions Answered Live Chat Do you have questions about the new approval process for community care, urgent care, or about VA family member health care?     Please join Dr. Kameron Matthews (VHA Deputy Under Secretary for Health for Community Care) for a live question and answer session on Tuesday July 31 at 4:30pm EDT.  Veterans from around the country will be asking questions and getting answers. LEARN MORE Veterans "Highly Desired" for Military Exchange jobs  If you are a Veteran who would like to return to the Middle East, the Army & Air Force Exchange Service, or AAFES, may have a job for you. AAFES is curr