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Reminder: 2017 Basically CDBG for Entitlement Grantees - Milwaukee, WI - July 25-27, 2017

Registration Extended through June 28, 2017 - Register Today! This training provides answers to common Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) questions and highlights HUD's interpretation of key policy issues. Participants will learn: CDBG National Objectives & Eligible Activities Program Administration & Financial Management Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS) Performance Measurement & Reporting/Recordkeeping CDBG-Disaster Recovery (DR) eligible activities and requirements This is a 3-day training, and includes a combination of lecture and hands-on exercises. Who Should Attend? This training is intended for all Entitlement grantees. Please note that each grantee is limited initially to one (1) staff member. Schedule of Training Deliveries Title Date and Time Registration Link Basically CDBG for Entitlement Grantees - Seattle, WA July 11-13, 2017 8:00 AM-5:30 PM PDT Registra

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Retiring ART Gallery Reports

Bowman Client Update Retiring ART Gallery Reports We are going to retire the following ART Gallery reports from the ART Gallery on July 7, 2017: List of reports being retired from ART Gallery: 0603 - HOPWA CAPER - v10 0604 - HOPWA APR - v8 0625 - HUD CoC APR – v29 (Old version) The HOPWA reports will be retired as the only current HMIS requirement for HOPWA providers is to collect the current Data Dictionary elements in HMIS. The 0603/0604 reports are based on an old workflow using pre-2014 HMIS Data Dictionary fields. HUD TA has indicated that at some point vendors will receive report specifications for a new HOPWA APR/CAPER. Until then, HOPWA providers will need to compile reporting information outside of HMIS or using customized reporting. HUD's encourages HOPWA providers to use HMIS as the data is valuable to the CoC for Planning and Coordinated Entry but HOPWA reporting does not come from HMIS at this time. You may make a copy of these reports to

Opposition to Housing Melts in Bay Area

Now Mobile-Friendly! In This Issue: Guess What Trump Treasury Wants to Take Away Now ● False Equivalency on Race, Again ● Opposition to Housing Melts in Bay Area ● Also: Resources ● You Said It! ● In Case You Missed It ● Jobs ● More -- Tuesday, June 27, 2017 In This Issue: Guess What Trump Treasury Wants to Take Away Now ● False Equivalency on Race, Again ● Opposition to Housing Melts in Bay Area ● Also : Resources ● You Said It! ● In Case You Missed It ● Jobs ● More Opposition to Housing in the Bay Area Is Melting Randy Shaw, Tenderloin Housing Clinic   The times they are a changin’, at least when it come