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Headlines: $166 Million Awarded for HIV Prevention and Treatment

October 19, 2017 Subscribe SAMHSA Headlines—Your one-stop source for the latest from SAMHSA. Funding    |    Data    |    Resources    |    Events Funding $166 Million Awarded for HIV Prevention and Treatment SAMHSA has awarded grants totaling $166 million over 5 years through its Targeted Capacity Expansion-HIV Program and its Prevention Navigator Program. The grant funding will be used to prevent HIV among high-risk populations and to treat co-occurring behavioral health disorders and HIV. Data Substance Use Prevention Messages Among Adolescents May Have Positive Impact Substance use prevention programs for adolescents may decrease the influence of subst

Homelessness Update

spotlight on... VOLUNTEER AND SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN FOR FAMILY AND YOUTH CONFERENCE! Looking to attend the 2018 National Conference on Ending Family and Youth Homelessness on March 1-2? Lend your energy to the event, and bring your leadership experience to the table. Learn more about volunteer positions and scholarship opportunities at this year's conference in Los Angeles, California.