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LSA Export Update

LSA Export Update Our development team continues to review customer submitted issues and the Abt provided Flag Files.  We currently have several code changes to push to customers and anticipate doing so on Monday June 10 th .  We will do an updated News Announcement as soon as the export is ready.  The announcement on Monday will show the time we applied the changes so that way you will know if your export was before or after the revision. We highly encourage all customers to re-submit their LSA data after these changes have been applied so that you can get a new flag file from Abt and so that you can review the revised data in HDX. The new customer submission deadline for the LSA is Monday, June 24 th at 8:00 PM (EDT) . If after receiving your new Flag File from Abt you have questions about specific rows, please provide us with the below information: A copy of the full Flag Fi

Ensure grant compliance with the Eligibility module

Ensure grant compliance with WellSky's Eligibility module Many of your grants may include strict eligibility criteria. If someone receives services with those funds, but didn't meet the criteria, your grant could be at risk. WellSky Eligibility module  ensures compliance by determining eligibility before a referral is made. This module, which works inside WellSky Community Services (ServicePoint), guides thorough client interviews, finds qualifying programs, and generates referrals immediately. The module is simple to set up and easy to use. Ask the qualifying questions displayed on the screen; Choose from the programs your client qualifies to enter; Generate the referral from the same screen. The Eligibility module references the data already in your Community Services system, so it's fast, accurate, an

Free Audio Books, Download VA Welcome Kit, MISSION Act

Resources for Veterans, their Families, Caregivers, and Survivors VAntage Point - Resources for Veterans, their Families, Caregivers, and Survivors Have a resource to share? Tweet it using #VetResources Find out where VA fits into your life with the VA Welcome Kit Are you aware of ALL the benefits and services you are eligible for? Whether you're just getting out of the service or you've been a civilian for years now, the VA Welcome Kit can help guide you with step-by-step instructions to the benefits and services you've earned. Keep your welcome kit handy so you can turn to it throughout your life—like when it's time to go to school , get a job , buy a house , get health care , retire , or make plans for your care as you age.  Please share this resource with your friends and family. LEARN MORE VA announces final community care regulations under