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Ribbon Cutting Events: Mary Harvey + Westside Shelter

I wanted to let you know about two ribbon cutting events that I am working on, and to invite those interested to attend.  They are as follows: 1. Ribbon Cutting for Sollers Point Community Center Playground.  Friday, July 10 th at 11:30 a.m. 323 Sollers Point Road, Dundalk, Maryland  21222 As part of the second phase of the Sollers Point Community Center Project, the playground and ball fields were completed, as well as some walkways, plantings and other improvements.  Of particular interest to those who were here as part of the Office of Community Conservation (OCC), and those in the DOP and other agencies that worked closely with OCC, a pavilion has been erected on the site, plantings have been done and an etched memorial stone is being placed at the site in honor and remembrance of our friend and leader, Mary Harvey.  Jack (Mary’s husband) and other members of Mary’s family will be present at the event. 2. Ribbon Cutting for the new Westside Men’s Shelter.

Homeless Florida man is playing piano on the streets, and he's a total natural

Residents of Sarasota, Florida, have been impressed with the piano skills of Donald Gould, a homeless man who is living on the streets. "I was thinking I could just put my hat on the piano and make a couple dollars and get tips,” Gould told local ABC affiliate My Suncoast. "I didn't expect it to jump out to this." Gould, a 51-year-old Marine veteran, learned to play the piano as a kid and studied music education at Spring Arbor University in Michigan. After his wife passed away in 1998, he developed a substance abuse problem. "They sat me down, and they told me what had happened, that my wife had passed away... and I just lost it man," Gould told My Suncoast. Gould keeps his spirits up through music, though. People in the Sarasota area can find him performing impromptu performances on Main Street. The pianos are a part of a community arts program called the Sarasota Keys Piano Project, through which six pianos were placed around the

New Study Confirms Every Female Boss' Fear That She Just Can't Win

There is no shortage of advice for professional women on how to succeed and lead in the workplace. Women are constantly told to lean in, take charge and be confident, and that gender equality will follow. But what if the bias against a female boss is so deeply ingrained in some of her male charges, that they find her leadership role threatening and begin advocating for their own self-interest more aggressively? A  study  published Thursday in  Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin  suggests that happens more than we might like to admit and shows exactly how narrow a tightrope a woman must walk in order to gain the trust and respect of her male employees. The study's co-authors conducted small experiments that looked at whether or not men were implicitly threatened by a female boss. Participants completed two cyber-simulated workplace tasks: negotiating a salary and splitting a bonus. The gender of the manager made a big difference for the several dozen male

Alliance Online News: Supreme Court Upholds FHA Discrimination Claim, Affirms ‘Disparate Impact’

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