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Qlik Sense Update

Qlik Sense Update We are pleased to announce a Qlik Sense Update is scheduled for the night of Tuesday, November 19 th , 2019. Please note that the first build after this update will take longer than normal for nightly rebuilds to finish. The following changes will be applied in the update provided by WellSky: Call Followup Answers are now available Added Recordset Id to Sub-Assessments for Call Start, Call Followup, and Entry Exit Review Correction for Sub-Assessments at Call Start Text Area and Text Boxes added and corrected for several tables Removed DIM_Assessment table Reorganized Measurement Fields Corrected Missing Measurement Domain Questions Entry Exit Household Type Added Reporting Groups added Casenote fields are now available ROI fields added and table relabeled Need Category fields added Correction to Service Units Service Staff fields added CoC Codes added to addition