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(NAEH) Celebrate the Giving Season with the Alliance!

Dear Friend,   Thanksgiving has come and gone, and the holiday season is officially upon us! We at the Alliance are still grateful as ever for your dedication to helping us prevent and end homelessness. For some, today marks the beginning of a period of spending, shopping, and gifting- many of us will have spent the day taking advantage of holiday deals to grab special gifts for our loved ones or for ourselves.   But for people experiencing homelessness, this season may be one of continued uncertainty and hardship.   With Giving Tuesday right around the corner, we

(WellSky) HUD LSA Update

WellSky important update LSA Update As you head into the holiday weekend WellSky wants to share an update regarding the LSA export.  We pushed several updates to the LSA export on Friday, November 20th at 1:00 PM central.  Please be sure you've re-exported and resubmitted to the HDX 2.0 after that date. We are continuing to investigate and resolve flag file vendor side issues.  We anticipate several updates to the export early the week of November 30 and we will announce availability of the updated export via another announcement.  Additionally, we are awaiting an updated sample code file from HUD TA and this will require further updates to the export. November 30 th is the deadline to upload another file to the HDX 2.0 if you have not uploaded one since the update to the export on Novemb

(NAEH) We're grateful for you

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 Dear Friend, This is the season of gratitude, and this year, we at the Alliance are especially grateful. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve – to form a community together with