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PATH Update December 2017

Bowman Client Update PATH Update December 2017 SAMHSA has clarified that all grantees need to submit their annual PATH reporting using the 2016 PATH.  To comply with this instruction we will reactivate the 2016 PATH Annual report to allow grantees to submit a complete and accurate report for clients served during their operating year.  This report will be reactivated alongside the current 2017 PATH Annual report and each will be named accordingly.  SAMHSA does recognize that due to the HMIS Data Standards updates, some grantees may not have all data required to populate all report questions, specifically those clients that entered on or after 10/1/2017.  They expect that persons who did not have certain data elements collected will be reported in the Data Not Collected field.   The 2016 PATH Annual report will be reactivated before January 1 st , 2018 and the deadline for PATH grantees to submit their report has been extended to January 8 th to a

SAMHSA's New Chief of Staff, Mary Fleming

SAMHSA Announces New Chief of Staff Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Use, Elinore F. McCance-Katz, M.D., Ph.D., has announced that Mary Fleming is SAMHSA's new Chief of Staff. As Chief of Staff, Ms. Fleming will assist with managing the daily operations of SAMHSA and work with the Centers and Offices to foster collaboration and promote a unified implementation of SAMHSA's mission and goals. Ms. Fleming brings a wealth of behavioral health expertise to this important role. Mary Fleming has been providing leadership on cross-cutting program and policy issues since joining SAMHSA in 2013 as the Director of the Office of Policy, Planning, and Innovation (OPPI). Ms. Fleming later served as the Branch Chief of the National Liaison Branch within OPPI, which focused on special topics in behavioral health such as veterans and emergency response. Prior to joining SAMHSA, Ms. Fleming was the chief executive officer