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(HUD) New Resources for DCTA Recipients and Smaller Distressed Communities

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(WellSky) SPM Update

WellSky important update WellSky will release Measures 1a and 1b (formerly the 0700 and 07001b reports in ART) in Community Services 5.13.12.  This version is expected to be available by Wednesday, February 3 rd , 2021. We will send out another announcement once 5.13.12 is available for upgrading sites. Communities will use ART to submit the remaining measures: 0701 Exits to Permanent Housing with Return to Homelessness, Metric 2 - v9 0702 Number of Homeless Persons, Metric 3 - v4 0703 Employment and Income Growth for CoC Funded Projects, Metric 4 - v7 0704 Number of Persons First Time Homeless, Metric 5 – v6 0706 Permanent Housing Placement-Retention, Metric 7 – v11  First, please note that there are no changes to the SPM report specifications, so we do not anticipate any ch