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Department of Education: 1.3 Million Children Homeless

September 22, 2014      ISSUES   |   POLICY   |   SOLUTIONS   |   NEWS & EVENTS Forward Editor: Emanuel Cavallaro Spotlight On... Department of Education: 1.3 Million Children Homeless Over the 2012-2013 school year, 1.3 million school children experienced homelessness as defined by the Department of Education, according to statistics released Monday, Sept. 22. About 230,000 school children's primary nighttime residence was an emergency shelter or an unsheltered location. The vast majority of identified students (75 percent) were living in doubled-up situations. An estimated 76,000 were unaccompanied by family. The Department of Education's goal is to ensure that all students receive a stable education regardless of their parents' abilities to pay for housing. As such, the definition used to count homeless students differs from the definition HUD uses to count homeless persons an

Spam Folder Procedure

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