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(NAEH) Join the Alliance's Online Forum

Best Practices A practical newsletter for people ending homelessness.

(NHSDC) Virtual Sessions May 4-6

Take a look at the virtual session schedule! NHSDC-HUD Virtual Sessions:

(WellSky) Qlik Sense Update

WellSky important update WellSky is pleased to announce new additions to our Qlik Sense Client App base sheet library. The update will take place on Thursday, April 30 th . . Following t he update, the Client App will be unavailable until after the next Client App refresh/rebuild.  The new sheets are as follows: INF101 – COVID-19 Statistics - v01     DQA105 – Data Incongruity Locator – v01 The INF101 sheet is the second in a small initial series of COVID-19 - related sheets meant to report upon data collected from the recently-released COVID-19 assessment. The INF101 sheet displays quick and easy to read statistics on COVID-19 - related fields and also includes data on clients with possible underlying conditions.  For the Qlik Sense COVID-19 sheets to function correctly, the assessment must be assigned to a Provider and have data recorded. Otherwi

(WellSky) WEBINAR: WellSky system administration orientation

The purpose of these webinar sessions is to welcome new system administrators to the family and set them up for success, insofar as understanding how to interact with WellSky staff, and how to use the various tools we've made available to them for communicating with us. WEBINAR: System Administration Orientation for WellSky Community Services Friday, May 1 at 3 pm ET / Noon PT  We want to help new system administrators of WellSky Community Services (ServicePoint) hit the ground running! Join us for this one-hour orientation that will direct you to all the resources that can help you succeed. Hosted by the WellSky account team, this session will cover: Support requests Customer Community resources Upgrade procedures Training opportunities Communications, roadmaps, and more You'll also have the chance to ask questions. This session is designed for

(WellSky) WEBINAR FOLLOW-UP: Community Services: Unit Manager recording & slides

Introducing WellSky Community Services' Unit Manager Thank you for registering to see our webinar: "Introducing WellSky Community Services' Unit Manager." You can watch the recording and download the answers to the questions asked during the webinar: WEBCAST & FAQs Introducing WellSky Community Services' Unit Manager   iPad Giveaway     WellSky is awarding a free iPad to the first two agencies who go live with Unit Manager. Request a call from your account manager  for all the details. Offer expires May 22, 2020.   Copyright © 2020 WellSky. All Rights Reserve

(VA) The Stories of Borne the Battle

Hear inspiring stories and engage with the Veteran community.    Inspiring & Connecting the Veteran Community Borne the Battle tells the stories of former service members and the battles, challenges, and sacrifices they have endured during and after their time in uniform. These stories aim to inspire and educate transitioning Veterans, as well as bridge the military-civilian divide. In addition to educating Veterans on benefits and resources available through the VA, Veterans are invited on the show to share their own experiences, including: Danny Chung , chief of staff for military affairs at Microsoft Robert Primeaux , Native American Vietnam Veteran and actor  Jan Ohrstrom , combat Veteran and independent wrestler Benjamin Breckheimer , Army Veteran and elite climber  Get the Latest Episode You can find Borne the Battle on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Goog