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Annual Cost Per Inmate in Maryland = $38,383

It costs $38,383 annually for each inmate in Maryland.  Download study of all states.

Register Today: 2017 Basically CDBG for Entitlement & State Grantees - New Orleans, LA - March 13-15

This training provides answers to common Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) questions and highlights the Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) interpretation of key policy issues. Participants will learn: CDBG National Objectives & Eligible Activities Program Administration & Financial Management Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS) Performance Measurement & Reporting/Recordkeeping CDBG-Disaster Recovery (DR) eligible activities and requirements State CDBG basic requirements - offered in Denver (with Video Teleconferencing (VTC) in Fort Worth) and Atlanta only This is a 3-day training, with an additional half day covering State CDBG requirements in Denver (with VTC in Fort Worth) and Atlanta. The training includes a combination of lecture and hands-on exercises. Who Should Attend? This training is intended for all State & Entitlement grantees. Please note that each grantee is limited initially to one (1) sta

Correction: HUD Publishes Coordinated Entry Requirements and Checklist of Essential Elements

Correction: HUD Publishes Coordinated Entry Requirements and Checklist of Essential Elements This message is being sent to correct the requirement date of the Notice. Each CoC is expected to establish or update its coordinated entry process in accordance with the interim rule and this Notice by January 23, 2018; not July 4, 2017. On January 23, 2017, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) published a Notice Establishing Additional Requirements for a Continuum of Care (CoC) Centralized or Coordinated Assessment System (the Notice) regarding the development and implementation of Coordinated Entry. HUD has also published a Checklist of Essential Elements (the Checklist) to provide communities with a comprehensive list of coordinated entry requirements outlined in the Notice as well as additional recommended and optional policy considerations. The Notice The Notice establishes new requirements that CoCs and recipients of CoC Pro