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NAEH: The solution is simple: Housing ends homelessness.

But the work is as challenging as it gets. Dear Friend, The solution to homelessness is simple: making sure people have a home. But for a growing group of extremely vulnerable people, this is a goal that is harder and harder to

Headlines: Latest News from SAMHSA

December 19, 2019 Subscribe SAMHSA Headlines—Your one-stop source for the latest from SAMHSA. Grants to Expand Substance Abuse Treatment Capacity in Adult and Family Treatment Drug Courts SAMHSA is accepting applications for Grants to Expand Substance Abuse Treatment Capacity in Adult Treatment Drug Courts (ATDC), Adult Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts or Family Treatment Drug Courts (FTDC). The purpose of this program is to expand substance use disorder (SUD) treatment services in

Hotfix Applied For Issue with Q22e in APR/CAPER

Hotfix Applied for Issue with Question 22e in CoC-APR and ESG CAPER WellSky discovered an issue with the HUD report specifications related to the programming of Q22e in the CoC-APR and ESG CAPER. This affects clients in a household that are not marked as head of household and do not have the Approximate Date Started Homelessness question answered. We received clarification from HUD that all household members will get the answer to this question from the head of household even if the household member has a date of birth that is after the recorded Approximate Date Started Homelessness for the head of household. WellSky applied a hotfix to all customer sites on version 5.13.01 or higher on the evening of December 17 th , 2019. We will also be including it in the 5.13.04 version which is expected to be released in January 2020. If your site is on a version prior to 5.13.01 and you upgrade to it

Holiday tips, team intros, and product updates

This issue features holiday tips, team intros, product updates, and lots of gratitude Hello Jason Burns, 2019 is almost at an end and many have already started experiencing the joys and challenges of the holiday season. As we wrap up this year, we wanted to share a few product updates, a little bit of industry news, and a guest article from our friends at Second Wind Dreams. Contents  Rob Weber, General Counsel and President, Community Care,  reviews the potential impact of WellSky's ClearCare acquisition on our Human and Social Services customers. Steve Greenberg introduces our vocational rehabilitation solution . Second Wind Dreams, featuring the Virtual Dementia Tour, provides dementia-friendly holiday tips . Jay Bulot discusses the importance of information & referral, resource directories, protective services, and other programs during the holidays . Gabe

Happy Holidays from VA, Feds Hire Vets, HIRE Vets Medallion Program

Volunteers lay Wreaths at National Cemeteries #VetResources  - for Veterans, their Families, Caregivers, and Survivors Sign up for this weekly newsletter at View and share as a webpage Happy Holidays from VA America's warriors have found themselves on duty during the holiday season since Valley Forge. As we and our families gather to celebrate the holidays, we remember the men and women who sacrifice so much for our privileges, comforts, and well-being—standing watch for us on freedom's far frontiers. Watch a special message from Secretary Wilkie on: FACEBOOK YOUTUBE Feds Hire Vets In the Federal Government's strategy to recruit and employ Veterans, the   website was created to give resources and directions to Veterans seeking employment information. Discuss on RallyPoint:  How does Ve