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[MARHMIS] FW: Agenda for MARHMIS meeting - 07/14/14

Afternoon, MARHMIS members: Just wanted to send a quick reminder to those of you who haven’t yet registered for our meeting on Monday. Agenda is attached; hyperlink for registration is below. If you’ve already registered and received your confirmation email, there’s no need to do so again. Regards, Dan From: Fox, Daniel Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 9:10 AM To: Subject: Agenda for MARHMIS meeting - 07/14/14 Morning all, Please find the attached agenda for our upcoming MARHMIS meeting on July 14 th at 10 am. To register for the meeting, go to and click the “register” button at the bottom of the page. You’ll receive a confirmation email with a hyperlink unique to you (i.e. do not share) and call in instructions. Regards, Daniel Fox | Economic Development Analyst 2 & PA HMIS System Administrator PA Department of Community & Ec

SOAR Providers - Funding Opportunity

July 11, 2014 Funding Opportunity Social Innovation Fund Pay for Success Grants Competition The Corporation for Nation and Community Service (CNCS) has announced a 'Pay for Success' competitive funding opportunity that may be of interest to SOAR providers.  The goal of the Social Innovative Fund is to 'grow the impact of community-based solutions that have compelling evidence of improving the lives of people in low-income communities throughout the United States.'  The Pay for Success model is simple --  'pay providers after they have demonstrated success, not based on the potential for success and increase incentives for service providers to deliver better outcomes at a lower cost.'  The primary focus of the Pay for Service competition will be in three areas: ·         Youth Development; ·         Economic Opportunity – Increasing economic opportunities for economically disadvantaged individuals; and ·