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2017 Housing Inventory Count and Point-in-Time Count Reminders

Starting next week, communities will be going onto the streets and into shelters to find all of those experiencing homelessness in their areas. There are a few reminders HUD wanted to provide as you go into this count. 2017 is the baseline year for counting youth. Communities have been working hard to determine how best to identify youth in the Point-in-Time (PIT) count process. Please remember that the efforts to count youth need to be in the same timeline as your general PIT count. HUD views this as one count but communities will be engaging in unique ways to identify youth (as well as other populations like veterans). Communities should verify information whenever possible. There is a wealth of data available and communities should leverage that to generate the most accurate count. This is particularly important when you have data for a sample approach or data from interviews. If you have the capacity, there is great value in checking responses given to data already coll

From Our Partners at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

To continue to meet the evolving needs of homeless Veterans, the VA’s Homeless Providers GPD Program is undergoing a transformation which involves implementing a competitive and time-limited grant process that will require currently funded GPD community providers to reapply for funding so that GPD grantees are located where their services are needed most by homeless Veterans. The GPD program provides nonprofit organizations, state and local government agencies and tribal governments with the resources they need to develop and sustain supportive programs and/or services that help homeless Veterans find stable housing, gain skills to increase their income and achieve independence. The new competitive process will give VA greater flexibility to allocate resources and the agility to respond to evolving best practices for homeless services and programs. Applications will be rated based on a variety of factors including the extent in which the agency is a part of an ongoing communi