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FY 2018 CoC Program Registration: CoC Review Step in e-snaps is Now Available - Due Tuesday, June 5, 2018 by 3:00 PM Local Time

This message only applies to Continuums of Care (CoCs) and their Collaborative Applicants. This is phase 2 of the process in which CoCs will review HUD’s determination. The FY 2018 CoC Program Registration Review step for all CoCs (whether your Collaborative Applicant submitted its FY 2018 Registration by May 14, 2018 or HUD moved the registration forms forward) is now available for the CoC Review step. Collaborative Applicants must access e-snaps at to review HUD’s determination and either agree and submit or disagree and submit at which point the registration will be returned to HUD for one final review and then returned to the Collaborative Applicant for approval. Collaborative Applicants that requested Unified Funding Agency (UFA) designation: If you requested UFA designation, you will not see the CoC Review step until May 30, 2018 as HUD is in the process of finalizing the review of these designation requests. No CoCs requested High Perform

New Grant Opportunity: Strategic Prevention Framework Partnerships for Success

SAMHSA Announces the Availability of up to $230 million for the Strategic Prevention Framework Partnerships for Success SAMHSA is accepting applications for  Strategic Prevention Framework - Partnerships for Success grants totaling up to $230 million over five years. The purpose of this program is to address one of the nation's top substance abuse prevention priorities: underage drinking among persons aged 9 to 20. States/tribes may also use grant funds to target up to two additional, data-driven substance abuse prevention priorities, such as the use of marijuana, cocaine, or methamphetamine, etc. by individuals ages 9 and above. The program is designed to ensure that prevention strategies and messages reach the populations most impacted by substance abuse. The program extends current established cross-agency and community-level partnerships by connecting substance abuse prevention programming to departments of social services and

Homelessness Update

New Resource Helps Track 2018 Point-in-Time Count Results Estimates from the local 2018 Point-in-Time counts are being released around the country. The Alliance is currently compiling local results to get an early look at the changing nature of homelessness. The local reports, compiled on a map , can give policymakers, researchers, and service providers a sense of where we see progress and where additional resources are needed.