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HUD’s SNAPS Data and Performance Strategy

Resources and assistance to support HUD's community partners Home Programs Resources Training HUD’s SNAPS Data and Performance Strategy SNAPS has published a new Strategy to Improve Data and Performance , which lays out a vision for optimal data systems and data usage. The release of this Strategy coincides with efforts by federal and national p

ART Gallery Update

The second February 2019 ART Gallery Update includes the following updates to the ART Gallery available as of 02/26/2019: 0260 - HUD CoC APR Data Quality/Completeness - v9 -  This report has been updated to remove retired picklist values from the Non-Cash Benefits data quality check at entry. 0629 - Housing Inventory Count - v17 - This report has been updated to include the changes reflected in the 2019 HIC/PIT notice provided by HUD. The CoC Code prompt is now a required prompt in the report. This release finalizes the release of reports needed for the HIC/PIT submission to HUD. The updated 0629 User Manual will be available in ART by the end of this business week. The updated 0260 User Manual is available in ART. We will send out announcements in the future as we release updated SPM/DQ reports in the ART Gallery. Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further question