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Vets@Home - Technical Assistance for Communities to End Veteran Homelessness in 2017

As established in Opening Doors, the country is committed to the goal of ending homelessness among its Veterans. To that end, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) launched the Vets@Home technical assistance effort in July 2015, to provide technical assistance and additional resources to Continuums of Care (CoCs). Since then, over 130 communities have received technical assistance through Vets@Home. Today, HUD is continuing its effort by inviting CoCs who are new to Vets@Home to request technical assistance. As of April 2017, some CoCs are continuing their TA engagements, and all CoCs are invited to receive TA through Vets@Home. CoCs new to Vets@Home should submit a TA request through the HUD Exchange’s Request Technical Assistance form . HUD will provide all CoCs requesting TA through Vets@Home with remote TA. HUD will provide more intensive and tailored TA to some CoCs based on 2016 Point-in-Time (PIT) count data, as well as information provided by th

Webinar: State Solutions in Workforce

State Solutions in Workforce Webinar: Growing Alaska's Future Behavioral Health Professionals Wednesday, April 19, 2017 | 2 p.m. Eastern Time Join us for part three of a quarterly webinar series that will highlight current innovative practices throughout the nation. This webinar features the state of Alaska's efforts to grow its future behavioral health professional workforce. This webinar series is sponsored by SAMHSA, in partnership with the National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors, the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors, the Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska, and the Annapolis Coalition on the Behavioral Health Workforce. If you have questions regarding the webinar, please contact Valerie Kolick at . (Please note that the event number for this webinar is 364858.)  Register for the

Homelessness Update: CoC NOFA Registration Open

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