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In Remembrance of Lloyd Pendleton

Best Practices A practical newsletter for people ending homelessness.

SOAR Webinar: Getting Started Completing SOAR-Assisted SSI/SSDI Applications

Have you successfully completed the SOAR Online Course, only to find yourself struggling with how to get started on completing SOAR-assisted SSI/SSDI applications? What's the first step? Who is a SOAR eligible applicant? How do I contact SSA and DDS? Do we have a SOAR Process in my area? Help! One critical component of the SOAR model is to complete training through the SOAR Online Course. Over the years, providers have been learning that SOAR is more than a training model. Often, SOAR-trained case managers don't know what to do after their training is completed, especially if there is no SOAR Local Lead or other SOAR Providers using the SOAR Process in their area to help them get started. If this sounds all too familiar, please don't despair. There is hope!  This webinar will give you many practical and proven ideas to help you get star

Grant Announcements

Grant Announcements National Evaluation of the Technology Transfer Center Program Application Due Date: Friday, May 17, 2019 SAMHSA is accepting applications for the National Evaluation of the Technology Transfer Center Program grant (TTC Eval). In 2018, SAMHSA reconfigured its approach to training and technical assistance by establishing a national network of regional technology transfer centers for substance abuse prevention and mental health services, in addition to the existing centers for addiction technology transfer. The fundamental premise of this new approach was the broad dissemination of evidence-based practices to best equip the healthcare workforce with the skills needed to address substance abuse prevention and the treatment of mental and substance use disorders, whether or not this workforce was a beneficiary of SAMHSA grant funding. The purpose of the National Evaluation is to gauge the extent to which this effort

LSA Update: Data Quality

LSA Update HUD has informed HMIS vendors that AHAR Data Liaisons will be reaching out to communities regarding data quality and cleaning of the LSA data. In addition, ABT Associates sent out a document called "Step-by-Step Guide to Reviewing Your LSA Data Quality Flags" to all CoC's that contained instructions on filtering the DQ report provided last week. This will allow CoC's to begin working with the flagged data quality items in your LSA export. This document will be uploaded to the Community Library for reference. The document also clarified the expectations for vendors regarding the April 1 deadline. We will be reviewing items marked as requiring vendor support but HUD is aware that it will take beyond the April 1 deadline for those resolutions to be implemented. As you review your report using the instructions outlined in the Step B

Newly released! MCAP - Check out our Conference Guide explore workshops, presenters and more...

Maryland Community Action Partnership 2019 Human Service Conference May 6-9, 2019 Delta Hotels Baltimore Hunt Valley 245 Shawan Rd. Hunt Valley, MD 21031 Newly Released Conference Guide Download for an in-depth look at workshops, presenters and more! 2019 Conference Guide Ready, Set, Register! Register HERE!