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Reminder: Due Today 8/31 & Extension Requests Due Tomorrow 9/1

Hi Team, I hope that you are doing well. This is just a reminder that requests for extensions are due today. Program changes are due tomorrow. If you have questions or are encountering issues, please let me know before 2pm today. To help with planning, I am including a list of grantees that have submitted extension requests in GIFTs for our region (as of 7am this morning). Please refer to the information from Friday (below), if you need additional guidance on extension requests.   Extension Requests Received as of 7am on 8/31 15-NY-252 Black Veterans for Social Justice, Inc. 13-NY-119 Catholic Charities of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse NY 14-ZZ-320 Community Action Partnership 14-MD-214 Project PLASE, Inc. 14-ZZ-313 Housing Counseling Services 14-MA-210 Lynn Housing Authority Development Group, Inc. 12-NY-061 Samaritan Village, Inc. 13-NY-121 Soldier On of Delaware, Inc. 12-NY-058 Soldier On, Inc. 12-NY-057 V