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HUD AAQ #127574: Sage Gender Issue

Question Status: Answered Question Related To: Sage Question ID: 127574 Question Subject: APR is uploading in Sage and creating a mistake through the download in the APR that is not there until the APR is load and created Question Text: I am trying to complete the APR for a project that has 14 females and 1 transgender Male to Female.  I have the transgender client as Female (male to female) and this shows up correctly when I pull the APR but when the CSV files in loaded into SAGE and creates the APR, it changes it to Male (Female to Male). The local HMIS Admin tried to fix this and the same thing happened.  Our APR is due now, please assist asap. Response: The vendor must have their code inverted.  In the data dictionary, Trans Female - Male to Femail is shown first as #2 and Tans Mail Female to Male is next as # 3.  However, on the APR report form, it is the other way around Male first then Female and I'm guessing they just mixed it up.  (I trust you hav

The Alliance is Hiring

Best Practices: A practical newsletter for people ending homelessness. Best Practices A practical newsletter for people ending homelessness. The Alliance is Hiring The Alliance is currently hiring for three new positions: a Director  and  Research Associate to join our Homelessness Research Institute and a Technical Assistance Associate to join our Center for Capacity Building. The Director and  Research Associate , both bas