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NAEH: How communities are housing people faster

During 100-Day Housing Challenges, many providers house twice as many people as they did in the previous period. Dear Friend, This is Kay Moshier McDivitt, Senior Technical Assistance Specialist at the Alliance. I'm writing today to tell you a little bit about the Alliance's work this year in two communities.  In 2019, we had the privilege of working with service providers, public officials, and others in Las Vegas, NV and Lansing, MI to help them transform their homelessness systems through trainings we call Learning Collaboratives . These are in-depth initiatives: we spend months on the ground in each community understanding the barriers they face and digging int

Let's Get the #RealFactsOnHomelessness

TeamTeam For the next five weeks, we will share 14 Myths of Homelessness and the Real Facts on Homelessness  to help expose myths related to housing, homelessness, and funding opportunities with our friends, family, and colleagues.  We encourage you to review the myths as they are revealed and get the #RealFactsOnHomelessness through this email, National Coalition for the Homeless's   Facebook  page, and the HousingNow!2020 Twitter account. Share, like, and encourage the people you know to engage with HousingNow!2020 as we move into the new year with a breadth of knowledge and feeling reinvigorated in the movement.     Myth 1:  HUD Point-in-Time numbers are an accurate count of people experiencing homelessness in the United States. Get the RealFacts here. Myth 2:  Coordinated Entry Systems (CES) required by HUD are connecti