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Baltimore County HMIS News 7/23/2014

Listed below are recent HMIS news and updates.  As always, we are very grateful for your continued support.  Your efforts assist us with providing the necessary awareness, collaboration, and funding opportunities for our current/future programs!  If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact Team HMIS at 410-887-5968.  We're always glad to assist! HMIS REPORT CARDS -  Our first FY15 month of HMIS Report Cards will be posted on our site on 8/1/14.  If you have not yet taken the necessary steps to "clean" your data (completing missing data, correcting inaccurate data, exiting former clients, etc.), please do so by 7/31/14.  If you need assistance, please submit a request via the Support Portal at our site.  Due to several program updates, pending projects, etc., our response time has been delayed at times.  Thank you for your patience.     HMIS TRAINING  (Rapid ReHousing)  -  We are conducting HMIS training at our office f


For those CoC's that have not sent your 2014 PIT and HIC reports (downloaded from HUDHDX site), please email to me by this Friday 7/25/14.  I will compile the list of CoC's that are missing reports, and send out later this week. Please contact me with any questions and/or concerns.  I'm always glad to assist!          Jason Burns ,  MCSE System Administrator Support: Direct: 443-574-HMIS                                                                                    

HMIS TRAINING: RRH Providers - 7/30, 9:30am - 12:30pm

TRAINING TYPE:   Rapid ReHousing DATE AND TIME: 7/30, 9:30am - 12:30pm LOCATION: BCDP Office, Rear Conference Room EQUIPMENT:  N/A.  Team HMIS will provide all necessary equipment. MATERIALS:  N/A.  Team HMIS will provide all training materials. ATTENDEES: Designated HMIS users for providers listed below.  Calendar appointment reminders will be sent shortly. PROVIDERS:  Carefully review the list below, and inform us of any discrepancies.  We need responses for the notes below from DSS RRH and Hannah More RRH.    CAN Shelter RRH - N/A.  Already trained, and workflow is slightly different (not ESG/HUD funded)    DSS Housing Counselor  - Robin Reed (main user) Although not RRH, workflow is similar    DSS RRH #1 - Jermica Wallace (main user), Tim Wynn (backup user) DSS RRH #2 - Jermica Wallace (main user), Tim Wynn (backup user) Aimee, please inform us of the difference in services provided between #1 and #2    Hannah More RRH -  Stepha