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The Shockingly Simple, Surprisingly Cost-Effective Way to End Homelessness

Why aren't more cities using it? By  Scott Carrier  | Tue Feb. 17, 2015 6:00 AM EST By  Scott Carrier  [1] | Tuesday Feb. 17, 2015 06:00 AM | Photos by Jim McAuley It's early December, 10:30 in the morning, and Rene Zepeda is driving a Volunteers of America minivan around Salt Lake City, looking for reclusive homeless people, those camping out next to the railroad tracks or down by the river or up in the foothills. The winter has been unseasonably warm so far—it's 60 degrees today—but the cold weather is coming and the van is stacked with sleeping bags, warm coats, thermal underwear, socks, boots, hats, hand warmers, protein bars, nutrition drinks, canned goods. By the end of the day, Rene says, it will all be gone. These supplies make life a little easier for people who live outside, but Rene's main goal is to develop a relationship of trust with them, and act as a bridge to get them off the street. "I want to get them into homes," Rene says

ATTN MD CoCs: Stats Request (FY13 Estimates) by 3/20/15

In efforts to assist our state's housing policy officer complete their Consolidated Plan, they are requesting a bit of help from CoC's, so that we may be properly represented to HUD, and continue to receive funding for our programs.  Please see the instructions below.  If you are not able to complete these estimates by 3/20/15, please let me know soon.  Thank you!    Download spreadsheet    Open spreadsheet + complete highlighted yellow fields (I'll complete the rest)    Save spreadsheet + email back to Jason by 3/20/15    *Only FY13 estimates in highlighted yellow fields required (I'll complete the rest) Jason Burns, MCSE Systems Administrator 410-887-5968 Always use our manuals. NEVER guess! Properly entering data saves hours!  F orums   *  News   *  Report Cards   *   Support   *   Training   *   U nsubscribe