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NHSDC Deadline to Submit Proposals Fast Approaching!

NHSDC Deadline to Submit Proposals Fast Approaching!

North Atlantic: SSVF Video Project (Additional Details)

Hi SSVF North Atlantic Team, I hope that you are doing well. Please read through this email in detail (text at bottom and attachments). It was great to brainstorm with a few of you around ideas that you may submit for the SSVF video project. I am really excited. I think the North Atlantic region could be a leader in sharing field practices. This is your opportunity to influence our national learning and training strategy. I am including information (attached) about the video project as a follow up to our regional call in June and the Program Updates that have been sent by the Program Office. As a heads up, we are also working on getting an informal call set up for any grantees that have questions or who just want to brainstorm with other grantees. More details to come. Video submissions are due by August 15 th . Thanks so much! Adrienne Overview We are starting an exciting new media project and are hoping you all will take part in it!  Regional C