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MedStar Health Provides Uber Rides for Patients

ROSEDALE, Md. - Getting to the doctor can be a hassle, especially for patients who rely on a friend or family member to make it to their appointment. That's why  MedStar Health  partnered with the ride-share service Uber to get people the healthcare they need. The program will be celebrating it's first anniversary Saturday, but at the Franklin Square Medical Arts Office, they've been using Uber for the past few months. "When you look at our no show rate, sometimes on an average day we have 20 percent no show rate," Molly Todd Clinical Social Work Care Coordinator with MedStar Health said. The no shows cost providers money and keep other patients who are waiting for an appointment from getting that slot. Todd said the Uber service is essential for their most severe patients. He said they could range from having strokes and diabetes, to chronic diseases. "I work specifically with the high risk population, those who are medically fragile, admitted a l