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HMIS REPORT CARDS: February 2015

Last month's are posted online!  You may view the links below, and they're always available online (see directions at the bottom). NOTE: As per our recent HMIS User Forums, all providers are exempt from any penalties this month due to the updated HHS+HUD+VA HMIS standards.  However, we expect everyone to update their data by the end of this month (2/28).   Please keep your data current and accurate, as poor data may result in loss of funding for your program(s).  HMIS Housing Report Card HMIS Services Report Card ---> resources ---> baltimore county ---> "reports" section Jason Burns, MCSE Systems Administrator HMIS Support Team 443-574-HMIS Always use our manuals. NEVER guess! Properly entering data, or contacting us, saves hours!  F orums   *  News   *  Report Cards   *   Support   *   Training   *   U nsubscribe

Employment Opportunity at SAMHSA: CSAT Director

Employment Opportunity at SAMHSA: CSAT Director Are you interested in being a strategic leader to improve public health in substance abuse treatment? SAMHSA is looking for candidates to fill the position of Director of the SAMHSA Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT). CSAT provides national leadership to expand the availability of effective treatment and recovery services for alcohol and drug problems. CSAT's focus is to improve access, reduce barriers, and promote high-quality, effective treatment and recovery services for people with these problems, substance use issues, or addiction, as well as for their families and communities. The CSAT Director provides leadership in planning, implementing, and evaluating the Center's goals. He or she is the focal point for SAMHSA's efforts to improve and expand treatment for substance use disorders; plans, directs, and provides overall administration for the programs of CSAT; coordinates Center consumer ed

SOAR February eNews

If you are having trouble viewing the email below, please click here . February - 2015 SOAR Success Stories This month, we are going into our archives to bring you one of our favorite success stories. We know that it is sometimes easy to get lost in data, and we feel that it is important to remind ourselves of the difference SOAR can make in an individual's life. This success story comes to us from Betty R., a SOAR consumer who was formerly homeless: "Within two and a half months, she [Betty's SOAR Case Manager] was able to get my disability for me. It was awesome. Without a lawyer. I never knew anything like that could happen. The biggest change...realizing who I am again. Because when you think you're not much of a person, that's a big issue. I would really like to save up and get a sewing