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WHITE PAPER: The Role of Spirituality in Human Services

Equip your team to support a client's spiritual wishes in an ethical, beneficial manner When your clients experience heartbreaking situations like homelessness, mental illness, or a history of abuse, topics of religion and spirituality may arise. Many social workers are uncomfortable in these situations or aren't sure what they are allowed to say. This free white paper provides a valuable framework your organization can adopt to support a client's spiritual needs in an ethical, beneficial manner. Topics covered include: Respecting the right to self- determination Supporting (but not shaping) a client's beliefs Understanding the clinical research behind spiritual well-being There is considerable research on the benefits of religion and spirituality to provide hope, connection, and fulfillment. It

HUD: SNAPS In Focus: Integrating Persons with Lived Experiences in our Efforts to Prevent and End Homelessness

Resources and assistance to support HUD's community partners Home Programs Resources Training SNAPS In Focus: Integrating Persons with Lived Experiences in our Efforts to Prevent and End Homelessness SNAPS partnered with young people with lived experiences of homelessness to develop the Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP), from its i

SAMHSA: Grant Announcements

Grant Announcements SAMHSA is accepting applications for two separate Disaster Response Grant Programs – School-Based Services and Services for Adults. The purpose of each grant program is to provide mental and substance use disorder treatment, crisis counseling, and other related supports to children in school-based settings and adults impacted by Hurricanes Florence and Michael; Typhoon Mangkhut; Super Typhoon Yutu; wildfires and earthquakes occurring in 2018; and tornadoes and floods occurring in 2019, in those areas for which a major disaster or emergency was declared under section 401 or 501 of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Eme

SOAR Webinar: SSA's Sequential Evaluation - Understanding the Listings and the Grids

Do you remember reading about  SSA's 5-step Sequential Evaluation  process when you were taking the SOAR Online Course? If it's been a while, or even if you recently completed the course, we encourage you to join us for a deeper look into both Step 3 (the Listings) and Step 5 (the "Grids"). Why a webinar about only these two steps in the 5-step process? Well, because these are the only two steps at which an applicant may be found disabled! While the course focuses on Step 3, "meeting the Listing," this webinar will provide guidance on how applicants may alternatively be found disabled at Step 5 by applying the appropriate "Grid rule." The Grid rules are based on the medical-vocational factors of age, education, and past relevant work experience. You'll hear from a DDS representative and seasoned SOAR