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Baltimore County HMIS News 2/16/15

Please view the news/updates below.  These will be reviewed during our next HMIS User Forum on 2/17, 9:30am.  Thanks for your continued support! ASSESSMENT : Updated.  View/download online (see screenshot below) Does NOT apply to CAN Dundalk Food Pantry, DSS Screening Unit, SSVF    WORKFLOW MANUALS : Updated.  View/download online (see screenshot below) Applies to all providers ---> resources ---> baltimore county ---> "workflow" section Jason Burns, MCSE Systems Administrator HMIS Support Team 443-574-HMIS Always use our manuals. NEVER guess! Properly entering data, or contacting us, saves hours!  F orums   *  News   *  Report Cards   *   Support   *   Training   *   U nsubscribe