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SSVF HMIS Year End FY16 + FY17 Requirements

Hi Team, I have a cell phone again (267-683-2386). Thanks so much for your patience during the phone transition. I am including a few additional updates below: Logistics ·          I am going to be out of the office tomorrow 9/23, Monday 9/26, and Thursday and Friday 9/29 and 9/30 for official VA travel. I will be responding to emails, but there may be a slight delay. ·          If you have an emergency, please feel free to call or text me. ·          Also, I am catching up on emails from the phone transition. I have about 10 grantees who need responses. I should be sending you replies today. ·          If you emailed me and have not received a response by this evening, please feel free to resend the email. HMIS Webinar at 2pm ·          I am attaching the slides from today's 2pm webinar in case they are helpful to you and your team. ·          Just to clarify, the repository will open on 9/26. ·          If you have any questions, please let me know.

Oops. We Made a Mistake.

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