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March 2016 NCHV eNewsletter

NCHV eNewsletter March 2016 Call for Nominations: Annual NCHV Awards To be presented at the Annual NCHV Awards Ceremony, June 2 in Washington, D.C. Each year, NCHV honors the commitment and service of a few of the many deserving organizations and individuals helping homeless veterans across the nation. We are now accepting nominations for the following awards: Outstanding Member - to an NCHV member organization whose programs, partnerships, and people combine to create extraordinary results Partnership Award - to an organization or individual whose work building effective partnerships exemplifies creativity and collaboration Public Policy Award - to an elected official whose record shows strong commitment and action in measures to help homeless veterans Unsung Hero Award - to an individual whose efforts go above and beyond expectations, who expects nothing in return and demonstrates a h

Updated 2016 Chronically Homeless Definition Clarification by HUD TA

QUESTION #1: For many years, HUD seems to have strongly encouraged CoCs, and perhaps awarded more points for those of us that annually increased our PH dedicated and prioritized CH beds.  However, this updated 2016 definition of CH seems to decrease the population of those that meet the new definition, thus most likely resulting in lower utilization rates, especially for our dedicated CH beds.  How are we supposed to address this matter? ANSWER: HUD did not change the definition of chronic homelessness as a way to reduce the number of persons that are considered chronically homeless. The decision to include a final definition, to include the definition that was included in the final rule was made back in 2012 really at that convening and we’ve been working towards that ever since. And we also don’t know for sure that it will actually reduce the overall number especially in the first point in time in which it’s implemented, which will be in 2016. Because the point in time count i