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News from the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness

Focus on Chronic Homelessness Home, Together.                  Read the Plan .                  Watch the Video . Homelessness in America: Focus on People with Disabilities Experiencing Chronic Homelessness   To prevent and end homelessness in America, we must have a clear understanding of who is at risk of homelessness and who goes on to experience it.   In this second installment of our Homelessness in America series, we focus on people with disabilities experiencing chronic homelessness, who make up 24% of individual adults experiencing homelessness and 5% of families.    Read the report .  After Ending Veteran Homelessness in 2015, Philadelphia Turne

HUD LSA Export Update

HUD LSA Export Update HUD has sent out an announcement that they are extending the deadline for vendors to have the LSA export in HMIS. This is due to extensive changes to the report programming specifications. HUD will be meeting with vendors on September 6 th to provide more details about the changes. Once we have more information we will send out another update announcement with the new release date for the LSA export in ServicePoint. Here is a link to the HUD announcement: In the interim, please make sure at minimum the following objects contain information and current HUD picklist values where applicable for your providers that you wish to include in the LSA export: CoC Code CoC Code Geocode CoC Code Geography Type CoC Code Start Date Operating Start Date Organization Identifier Project Type Housing Type Continuum Project (Must be set to "Yes" for i