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Message from Norm (Quarterly CoC Call Invite)

Continuum of Care Leads, Communities across the nation have created and implemented Coordinated Entry (CE) policies and procedures and have begun to identify and resolve CE system challenges. For instance, a significant challenge has emerged in CoCs across the nation regarding, prioritization- - extremely long waiting lists in the face of limited CoC homeless-dedicated housing resources. This has been frustrating to CoC and CE staff, and services and housing providers. To address these challenges, HUD piloted a new TA initiative called Community of Practice (CoP) were the first set of sessions focused on dynamic system management in CE systems. CoP is an opportunity to engage with TA providers and peer CoCs to address issues, share ideas, understand goals, next steps, and develop strategies to address common pain points.   Below you will find the information for the next set of quarterly calls. You will hear from SNAPS staff and communities that participated in th

SSVF Program Update Friday October 18th, 2019

From: Supportive Services for Veteran Families [mailto: ] Sent: Friday, October 18, 2019 11:13 AM Subject: SSVF Program Update Friday October 18th, 2019 Topics: 1.Important: Activation of FY2020 Accounts for Grantees on Extension 2.Register Now: Shallow Subsidy Office Hours Call October 31, 2019 12:00 PM ET 3.Reminder: Federal Partners Housing Conferences 4.Reminder: FY2020 Grant Resolution Requirement Available in GIFTS 5.New: FY2020 VA Data Guide 6.Request: Success Stories Needed for Homeless and Hunger Awareness Week Important: Activation of FY2020 HHS accounts for Grantees on Extension: For those grantees that requested a 1-month extension of the FY19 grant period, but do not require the full month to meet program goals and spend down funds, HHS activations for FY20 will occur every two weeks after 10/1/19.  It is imperative that grantees email the Regional Coordinator (email subject line must include your SSVF grant ID) to notify the P

ServicePoint Error: CoC-APR 2019 Q25e

We found another error in the new CoC-APR 2019 report.  You may not notice it with a small sample size of data, but if you have providers that serve many veterans, you may see some of the totals for "Conditions at Start" in Q25e are higher than the totals in Q13a1, which is impossible.  See screenshot and update notes from WellSky below. UPDATE 10/18:  submitted case #00880842 to WellSky UPDATE 10/18:  the issue with the HUD APR is currently being reviewed by WellSky's Development Team  UPDATE 10/24: WellSky's Development Team has marked this as "defective"