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SSVF North Atlantic Update: Super Important

Hi Team, I just wanted to send you a quick email with some clarifying information. 1.        QPRs are due tomorrow (7/18) ·          A huge thanks to everyone who has already submitted their QPRs. I appreciate it. J ·          Please submit your QPRs by 5pm tomorrow. ·          I'm committed to getting you feedback before I go on vacation. 2.        Regional Meeting (August/September) ·          You will receive an email tonight or tomorrow with information regarding the regional meetings. ·          Please, please read this information carefully. ·          Do not book your travel until you have official confirmation. 3.        HHS Subaccount Transfers ·          We are still working on processing HHS subaccount transfers that were part of the program changes due 6/2. 4.        North Atlantic Regional Call September-Date Change ·          I sent a revised calendar invite for our September regional call changing the date from 9/3 to 9/5 due to the reg