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2017 CoC Program Competition (NOFA) Update

2017 CoC Program Competition (NOFA) Update It's that time of year again for the submission of the CoC Program application to HUD! We have thoroughly reviewed this year's application and have determined that is does not request any new information from ServicePoint or ART. We will not be updating the 2016 NOFA reports in the ART Gallery. Instead, these will be "retired" in the near future and re-created in Qlik Sense if HUD changes the application in future years. Please note that the application does require that you have access to previously submitted Housing Inventory Charts (HIC), Point-In-Time Counts (PIT), and System Performance Measures (SPM) information in order to complete the application. You or your CoC Lead will need to access these from the HDX if you do not have saved copies. If you have any questions or issues in regards to completing the CoC Program application, direct them to HUD via the AAQ. As your vendor, we are not

HTF Monthly Report as of 7/31/17 Now Posted

HUD is now posting the Housing Trust Fund (HTF) Deadline Compliance Status Reports. These monthly reports assist grantees and HUD Field Offices in monitoring compliance with the 2-year commitment requirement of the HTF statute and the 5-year expenditure requirement of the HTF regulations. The current report is now posted on the HUD Exchange at the link below. You may also access it from the Housing Trust Fund Page under "HTF Program Reports." HTF Program Monthly Report as of 7/31/17 Now Available: HTF Deadline Compliance Status Reports             Visit the HUD Exchange at

PSH VACANCY: 2 Bedroom Unit at AIRS (Baltimore County, MD)

AIRS has a 2 bedroom unit that we need to fill. If you would please post this opening for us that would be great.  If anyone has eligible clients, they need to complete the forms and can contact me directly. Housing Description :  2  bedroom, scattered site apartment   located near major bus and transportation   in Baltimo re County Number of persons  –  must be eligible for 2 bdrm unit Income Required?   No Rent : Income based (approximately 1/3 of income) Housing First?  Yes Case Managemen t Services Will be provided Eligibility : Applicant MUST BE ·          HUD defined  Category 1 or Category 4 ·          Have a HUD defined  chronic  disability o    A  disability that is  long term , and debilitating   and would benefit improvement with supportive housing. o    HIV disease is a priority population, as is Chronically Homeless. ·          Age: 18 years or older. If you are not sure about eligible homeless status HUD defines them follows  (

Your Input is Needed! ...To Better Assist Women Veterans with Children

Your Input is Needed! ....To Better Assist Women Veterans with Children Help today by providing input based on your experiences in your community It is clear that we need better data and insight on the needs of vulnerable and high-risk veteran families, especially with female heads of household. NCHV relies on our Members and Partners in the field, and your expertise will improve our ability to design creative solutions to end homelessness among some of the veteran families the nation struggles to serve. The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans and Synchrony Financial have teamed up to assess the contributing factors to housing instability among women and women veterans with children and the barriers that can hinder their ability to find resolution to move their lives forward. The information you provide us will be extremely valuable and will be used to advocate for necessar

New Tool Maps Trends in Opioid-Related Hospitalizations

New Interactive Map Highlights State-Specific Trends in Opioid-Related Hospitalizations A new interactive map from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) allows users to explore state-specific information about opioid-related hospital stays. The map uses data from 44 states and the District of Columbia, including: Hospitalization trends from 2009 to 2014 Patient sex, age group, geographic area, and income group with the highest rate in 2014 The map is the most recent example of AHRQ's ongoing efforts to address the nation's opioid epidemic, and showcases data from AHRQ's Fast Stats, an online tool that offers national and state-specific data on hospital stays and emergency department visits, including data by age, gender, community-level income, and urban versus rural residency. View the Map

Blog Update: Mental Health Days are Good for Business

Blog Update Mental Health Days are Good for Business 07/27/2017 05:42 PM EDT Each day, millions of Americans with chronic conditions—mental illness, addictions, diabetes, asthma, and many more—go to work. In fact, 15% of adults who are employed full-time and 20% who are employed part-time experienced mental illness in the past year. Sometimes people with mental health conditions—like those with physical health conditions—need time off from work to […]