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FORM DUE 3/15/18: Baltimore County HIC (Housing Inventory Count) 2018

You received this message because you are on our HMIS listserv, but this only applies to agencies that provide one or more of the programs below for our annual reporting requirements. Agencies w/one or more programs below must complete our 2018 HIC Form  by 3/15/18 .  If your agency has more than one of the programs below, a separate form must be completed for each.  Complete each form to the best of your ability, and we will confirm all data with you before the final submission to our federal, state, and local partners.  Inventory counts for beds and units should reflect the information from your most recent grant application.  Please coordinate within your agency so that you do not submit duplicates.  Call us with any questions.  Thank you. Required Program Types for 2018 HIC Emergency Shelter (including DV) Transitional Housing  (including DV) Rapid-ReHousing  (including DV) Permanent Supportive Housing NOTE: All information in our final submission

REMINDER: Baltimore Co Homeless Roundtable Mtg 3/13, 9:30am

This is a friendly  reminder  about our upcoming meeting on 3/13, 9:30am at the  Randallstown Community Center .  For questions and/or concerns, please contact our CoC Lead, Keenan Jones (CCd on this email).   Thank you for your participation, and we look forward to seeing everyone! NOTE: At this meeting, we'll present performance data on shelters, transitional housing, rapid-rehousing, and permanent supportive housing. Homeless Roundtable (all members)  - list of all current members sorted by agency Homeless Roundtable: Join Us!  - link to add new members Jason Burns, MCSE Systems Administrator 443-574-HMIS