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Reminders: SSVF North Atlantic Call on Wednesday and Coversheet/Uploads Due on Thursday

Hi SSVF North Atlantic Team, I hope that you are doing well. I wanted to send a few reminders. 1.        North Atlantic Team Call on Wednesday, August 6 th at 3PM ·          Call in 1-800-767-1750 Code: 03336 ·          At least 1 representative from each grantee must attend. ·          You can invite subcontractors/partner agencies to this call if you would like. ·          Tentative Agenda                                                               i.       Planning 1.        Strategy for next two months 2.        Questions related to strategy 3.        Debrief from National Webinar in July                                                             ii.       Learning 1.        3 rd Quarter QPR Feedback 2.        Grantee Innovations on QPR (2 grantees) 3.        Domestic Violence Webinar Presentation 4.        Housing First and Rapid Re-housing Webinar 5.        VAMC POC webinar in May