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HUD AAQ #81439: Serving PSH Clients from Outside CoC

Question Related To : Continuum of Care Program Question ID : 81439 Question Subject : Serving CoC PSH Clients from Outside CoC Question Text : Does HUD have any docs that state it is ok to serve formerly homeless clients from outside our CoC?  Occassionally, we may serve some homeless clients that originally came from another CoC prior to porject entry, and we wanted to ensure we have documentation that allows this.  The only reference I could find online was related to TBRA, but we were not sure if it applied to CoC funded PSH projects, as well. Response : Thank you for your question. HUD does not impose residency requirements as an eligibility standard in its Homeless Assistance Grants Program. Therefore, so long as the individual meets the definition of homeless in section 578.3 of the CoC Program interim rule and meets any additional eligibility requirements of your project, HUD would permit you to serve this individual even though he or she currently resides outside

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